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Anti-Organization XIII

Summary: This is my creation that :icontherealyuma: has helped me flesh out. For this concept, it involves making a good Organization with its members being complete opposites in every way to the original Organization: gender, personality, powers, weapon styles, etc.

Keep in mind that these are all very much WiP concepts. For instance, their names are anagrams of the originals... Xesamn having the same letters as Xemnas for instance. If you have better sounding names for them, feel free to suggest them.

1. Xesamn

Title: The Attendant

Power: Plants

Weapons: Giant Energy Fists(made from flower blossom energy, covering her entire lower forearms)

Appearance: Black hair with golden highlights mixed in. Her hair is smooth, and arranged in a short braid in the back. No bangs, but the hair over her ears curls forward and down into long thing lengths of hair passed her chin. And physically, she doesn't look as strong as she really is, though clearly female in terms of figure. Fairly rounded chin. Blue eyes.

Personality: Xesamn is very emotional and filled with energy, though a bit easy to guilt trip, especially due to how dense she can be towards friendships, often insulting without meaning to simply out of naivety. Despite that, it's hard to keep her sad for long, being quite the optimist. She spends most of her time assisting others, enjoying the satisfaction of being an aid to others. In truth, she even talks like a 'loyal minion' with how much she enjoys taking orders and serving others.

2. Brigxa

Title: The Sealslasher

Element: Time

Weapons: For Brigxa, her weapons are dual chainsaw swords. The weapon is mostly light jade green with black outlines. Its light green handle has the front end of the gun on the bottom of the handles, with dark yellow jade fading to black as a spike on the bottom. The part that had Xigbar's ammo blades is now a curved part, going up and back to block her chainsaw blades from hurting her, though without the spikes being there, along with a smaller duplicate on the front. A longer version of the handle extends to form the slim rod that the chainsaw attaches to. The gears of the weapon are formed from the structure on top of Xigbar's gun, the sides of which being mostly shown being black in color due to replacing the white outlines with black. And the back of that gear shape on Xigbar's weapon forms the chains around the sawblades, with mini versions of his blade ammo attached to the sections to create the chainsaw blades.

Appearance: For Brigxa, she has blue eyes and a pointed chin, with the eyepatch and chin scar swapped sides. Her hair is mostly white with black streaks, styled similar to Riza Hawkeye's from Fullmetal Alchemist, but the bang shape her hairstyle has is half sized and duplicated, so that her hair is symmetrical.

Personality: Brigxa is a caring individual, though she has difficulty empathizing with others. She's often very serious, formal, and uptight, usually referring to people by their full names and being very strict towards schedules. She has no curiosity towards things that aren't in front of her, focusing mostly on the tasks at hand, despite doing what she can to help others with her own scheduled work schedules. She prefers intellectual administrative work as opposed to fighting when given the choice, especially since she prefers to avoid killing if possible, fighting only when absolutely necessary. However, when forced to fight... she can be extremely brutal, as her weapons indicate. Though, she takes no pleasure in the killing she performs. And despite all her talents, she's rather modest, thinking of herself as just one cog in the machine that's the anti-org, doing her best to help the cause.

3. Lindxa

Title: The Landslide Brawler

Element: Earth

Weapons: Golden brown metal gauntletts, extending to her elbows, with jade-to-yellow gradient colored metal panels in place based on Xaldin's spear blades. The lower end with the cross is an under-panel on the fore-arms, with two copies of the long-blade part of his spear overtop, angled towards her elbows and placed side-by-side to form an overall bladedged mini-shield upon the gauntlets. The golden brown gauntletts' fingers are also tubes based upon the shaft of Xaldin's spears, but the finger digits alternate between golden brown and light yellow-green, said tubes also able to expand like how Xaldin's could expand in that wind dragon form he could ride on. As an example, the index finger of a gauntlett would be golden brown on the first digit, then yellow-green, then golden brown on the last digit, with each of the fingers, thumbs included, ending their pattern on the golden brown color. There are also three smaller blades on the backs of the gauntletts' hands, positioned not like shields but as offensive blades to just slightly enhance her punches. Lindxa has two of these gauntletts on her arms, along with four additional ones floating around her body. Primarily using the gauntletts for defensive counters, while focusing her offensive via her earthen spells.

Appearance: Her chin is has a feminine point rather than rounded. She is weaker looking than you'd think, muscle wise, considering her element, but she compensates this with speed and agility, allowing her physical strikes and blocks to seemingly come from any direction. Her hair is messy and white, and fairly short. Very tomboyish. But, it's far from the shortest of hair. Consider it almost like a bushier version of Tatsuki's hair from bleach, but white, thicker, and wilder. She also has green pupils.

Personality: Lindxa is an optimistic individual, but hates being alone. She just loves to have fun, sports and other recreational activities being common. Despite that, she doesn't like fighting beyond competitive bouts, regardless of her innate talent at it. Due to how much she roughhouses though, she's taken to studying physiology, both to allow her to get fights over with quickly and for healing purposes. Overall though, she prefers to just have fun instead of work, both alone and with others, though she does have great respect for those that actually have goals and pursue them. Despite her lack of work ethic though, she greatly desires to have an actual heart back, not just her memories of the emotions, and she greatly enjoys seeing proof as to why through the happiness and hopes of others... Love also being among the emotions she most misses. Despite that, she hasn't given up hope, and she can be as patient as needed for them to find a way to gain their hearts back without costing others theirs.

4. Veenx

Title: The Attentive Soldier

Element: Lightning

Weapon: Veenx's weapon is a massive broadsword, with its designs based upon Vexen's shield. First, the weapon is mostly a gradient of yellow to orange, with a brownish black edge along its blade and hilt guard. Then, remove the shield's bottom part, from where the 'V indentation in the middle of the shield is as the separating part, and also temporarily remove the top three of the five spikes from the shield. Then, move the now orange handle to where it connects where that V indent was. Afterwards, place the remaining large blade of the shield into the top where the top three spikes were, but make it skinnier and taller than the rounded hilt guard. Then, place the middle of the three removed spikes on the bottom of the handle. And lastly, the last two spikes connect to the ends of the half-circle hilt guard, pointing down. That means, the hilt guard has a spike pointing down and a spike pointing outward on each side of the hilt guard. In battle, Veenx uses the large blade in a much more aggressive style, focusing her power through it in speedy assault strikes.

Appearance: Veenx's chin is pointed in a very pointed style, and her eyes are violet. Her face and body are extremely feminine, though her hairstyle and muscle tone are quite boyish. Still clearly female, but stronger than she looks, and her brown hair is kept very short and messy, as if her hair was shaved long ago and has been growing back out for a while in that style, but more messy due to not keeping up her looks due to her boyish attitude.

Personality: Veenx is a strong-willed warrior whom greatly appreciates those with strong wills and bodies, those that act without letting over-thinking cause unnecessary hesitation. Despite this, she does love to be taught new skills to make her adventures all the more enjoyable. Though, she's not so good at teaching the skills she has learned. More often than not though, when not being an attentive student, she's often found adventuring, treating life as a game to both train and learn from, preferring firsthand experience instead of the tediousness of paperwork and research. She also feels that trying to learn about the heart and how it works to be an impossibility, that it's not a thing to 'learn' about, but rather, something to just experience, cause every person's heart is different. Just enjoy what's there, cause there's no finite pattern to any one heart. Despite this carefree attitude though, she's not against going against authority. She can even be quite impatient with them if she doesn't understand the reasons of their decisions. Sure, she'll follow orders, but she's the type to question those orders if she doesn't see a good reason behind them, doing so without fear.

5. Saluxee

Title: The Chatty Explorer

Element: Wind

Weapon: Saluxee's weapon is a saxophone. Most of it is white, but with a light blue hard side on the back side, so it could still be used as a slamming weapon that's based on the blade portion of Lexaeus' axeblade. The end of the saxophone is has a blue square end based on the hammer side of Lexaeus' axeblade, the 'X' on it being widened to be the hole for the saxophone. The mouthpiece is blue, based upon the spike at the bottom of the axeblade's hilt. And the hole covers along the saxophone used for adjusting the musical tones are orange with white lines based upon the axeblade's hilt, with the side hiltguards used to cover the holes on the saxophone. She primarily uses wind magic instead of melee, though she mixes wind enhanced melee strikes with her weapon.

Appearance: Saluxee has orange eyes and a pointed chin. She's the shortest girl of the group in spite of her figure. Her hair is sky blue and really smooth, ending in sharp curves. The center back hair is shorter than the outer sides, as the hair curls inwards. It's like many mini crescent moons curled inwards, and arranged so that the bottom of the hair is shaped like a giant crescent moon arranged like a frowning smile. And since Lexaeus has such a manly face, she has a very feminine one.

Personality: Saluxee is quite the air-headed ditz, befitting of her wind element. She tends to ignore fights if she can, even those among friends, considering it wasted energy from all those involved. She goes where the wind takes her, acting on a whim, making her a perfect scout for the group for gathering information, even if she's not skilled in knowing how to make use of the intel she gathers. Due to her fickle nature, her loyalty is pretty questionable since she prefers to avoid fighting where she can(she often gets others to do the fighting instead if there's an issue, so she's a lot like Demyx), but her over-trusting attitude combined with her talkative nature makes it easy to get info out of her, so her scouting skills are still useful... though, unfortunately, that works both ways if the enemy is smart enough to trick her.

6. Xoenzi

Title: The Robed Berserker

Element: Berserk(basically, Zexion's opposite element is Saix, and vice versa)

Weapons: For Xoenzi's weapons, she wields dual drill gauntletts. Imagine this... take the frames of Zexion's book, turn them white, and use them to form white box like framework for armor upon her arms, while placing blue versions of the nobody spike corner guards that were on Zexion's book onto the box's corners instead, while also having blue versions of the spike like bindings on the sides of this armor to make that area more detailed and slightly thicker. Sticking out of the front of these boxes are black nobody symbols interconnected on the front to create a spinning drill, the inner workings of the drill's rod and mechanisms colored a dark blue. She mainly fights with these drills, and after some time, will detach the nine Nobody symbols that form the drill to create mini-drills for energy clones for her to enhance her assaults with, having done so after draining power from her foes, creating energy drills in their place.

Appearance: Xoenzi has red-orange eyes, and a rounded chin. She also has nearly brown sandy blonde hair. She's fairly tall and buff for a female, as well as curvy as well. Her hair is fairly long, passed her elbows, but not passed her waist. Unlike Droulx, whose hair is wide as well as long, Xoenzi's is a lot... lesser in mass, you could say, despite the messy similarities. Xoenzi's hair is also quite spiked on top, somewhat similar to Axel's in that regard. But unlike Axel, whom had no bangs, she has partial bangs covering her left eye, along with smaller 'spikes' scattered among the larger spikes, as well as longer hair going downwards as previously mentioned.

Personality: Xoenzi is rude and quite open about her feelings, much to the chagrin of others. She's lazy, and doesn't have any real goals, but when it comes to fighting, she prefers up close and brutal. Ironically, despite her brutal fighting style, her loyalty and work ethic are highly questionable. She doesn't pay attention to detail, and is very selfish. Ironically, despite her rudeness, should she come to care about others, those others quickly learn about it, being rather possessive of those she has actually come to care about.

7. Xias

Title: The Solar Deceiver

Element: Illusion

Weapon: Xias's weapon is very similar to Saix's, yet also quite different. For it, first, imagine Saix's claymore. Then, remove the bottom-most diamond in the side of the blade and make the edges of the blade dull. Then, enlarge the diamond(and the little line it has connected to it) and enlarge it to place in front of the hilt. Then, remove the axe-blades of the claymore to reposition diagonally to either side of that enlarged front diamond, connecting to where the diamond once was, creating a hilt-guard. Then, take the sharp-edged + shape on top of the claymore and rotate it into an X. Then, lastly, invert the colors and shrink the weapon down to barely half an arm's length, turning it from a sharp claymore into a handheld magical girl wand, its metal still sturdy enough to deflect incoming attacks. It'd have a white spike on the bottom of a dark blue handle, most of its dull shaft would be brass and grey for the blade, with dark yellow diamonds among it. The hilt would be a blue upturned semi-circle, while having sharp dark yellow hilt guards. And on top would be a dark blue Nobody X shape, sharp like a shuriken. And when entering berserk mode, the star gains a larger star around its edges, turning a four spiked star into a seven pointed star(would have been 8 if there was one where the shaft connects). This star, and the aura shaped blades added along the edge of the wand, would be a see-through black, shimmering like obsidian. In a sense, it's like a magic wand combined with a rapier. With it, she has two fighting styles with this. During the start, she starts out erratic, charging in and out, seemingly about to attack with her wand like a blade... but only in regards to deflection. In truth, she normally just uses her wand to deflect attacks while auto-counterattacking with illusions, all while seeming to go on the offensive to throw off her opponent... But, once the battle has gone on long enough, and she's seen enough to get an idea of her opponent's fighting style, she flies away, gaining her 'clear mind' state. At this point, a mirage like dessert cloud is summoned from illusion, her coming in and out of it to summon larger illusion formed attacks from every direction.

Appearance: Xias is a fairly buxom girl, with a pointed feminine chin. Her brownish sandy blonde hair is cut in a very short bowl cut, with the exception of her front bangs, which are grown out extra long, partially hiding her silver eyes and + shaped scar from view. When her power flows, however, with a channelled mind, her scar shrinks as her eyes widen and glow, her front bangs parting sidewards as they partially float from the power she channels, her facing coming into view when she gets serious.

Personality: Xias never really has a goal in mind. She acts on impulse and is very spontaneous, as well as empathetic. However, unlike Saix, whom tries to force emotions into others... she rather goes with the flow, anticipating the emotions others will have and acting based upon those predictions, at times countering them before they even realized they were about to do something, using her deceptions to completely disrupt an enemy's flow, sort to speak. But, though she's normally very empathetic... when she gets focused and channels her powers, her spontaneous nature ends, becoming very goal focused to the point of becoming unintentionally heartless and cruel, able to launch attacks from countless directions at once with her solid-formed illusions.

8. Lexa

Title: The Order of Pounding Waves

Element: Water

Weapon: Dual Ball and Chains. On the surface of the spheres are circular designs reminiscient of Axel's chakrams. To summarize, imagine a sphere with six equi-distant circle outlines upon it, with those circles connected by curved lines that make it look like there's more circles underneath, much like Axel's chakrams. But, these chakram like lines are also dual colored, but instead of red and silver, it is light blue and onyx black(kind of like a jade tinged black). And the sphere underneath the circle patterns is pure white. Meanwhile, the 'chains' of the ball and chain weapons are made of onyx blades based on Axel's chakram spikes, the spikes interconnected and stabbing into the backs of each spike, eventually leading to the ball and chains' white handles. Lexa wields two of these. She mainly gets close for brawling attacks, while also trying to pull her foe to herself for more strikes, using water to enhance her blows.

Appearance: Her hair would be wavey, with bangs in front of her forehead, her wavey hair somewhat angled inwards as it flows down from her head in waves. She'd also have three light blue straight lines tattoo'd beneath her light purple eyes. A clearly feminine set of curves, but her arms and legs are decidedly toned with muscle(though not like steroid level muscles. More like she goes to the gym a lot). Fairly rounded chin.

Personality: Lexa isn't very bright, but very strong-willed and emotional, though easily flustered. She cares a lot about others... but unfortunately, can be quite blunt and dense without meaning to. She also loves to fight, but hates killing, often feeling great guilt whenever forced to do so, thus why she uses non-bladedged weapons.

9. Xymed

Title: The Enthusiastic Aubade

Element: Fire

Weapon: A hammer javelin, with gold and flame orange colors, with some small blue details mixed in. The front of the hammer is almost heart shaped, based upon the front of Demyx's sitar, but flipped upside down into a heart shape. The sides of the hammer are lines with some blue details. The details have vertical blue stripes and some horizontal golden stripes, representing the strings of Demyx's sitar. And the back of the hammer is a large crimson spike, its colors near its connection to the hammer flowing into the flame orange of the hammerhead. Meanwhile, the shaft of the hammer is as long as a spear, but instead of a pole, there's a curve to it. Very skinny in the middle, slightly wider near the hammer head, and wider still at the bottom, where it curves like a dewdrop with five wide but short spikes are. There's one on the bottom of the dewdrop, and four more around it, meant to act like a painful photography stand, since the length of the hammer's shaft allows Xymed to stand it on the ground and kick around it, like a pole dance, mixing her movements between hammer strikes, pole jabs, and flaming kicks. Also, the top of the hammer also has the same lines as the sides, but one less line going front-to-back than the sides have, and in between the cross-hatch arrangement of lines are some mini-spikes on top of the hammer. Fighting style with the weapon was partially inspired by this RPG character's fighting style. She mainly uses a combination of her weapon and her body, covering the attacking area with flames to mix her attacks with. Instead of summoning a horde of clones, she summons them in quick succession while singing with the clone summoning getting faster as the song continues... to a limited extent, and the flame clones far more aggressive than Demyx's... but instead of causing instant death if Sora can't kill them all... instead, the clones get absorbed into her as a type of phoenix fire, fully healing her instead of instantly killing Sora should he not kill all the clones in time. On top of that, she gets a short lived stat boost that is as potent as the number of clones that survived.

Appearance: Rounded chin, average though clearly feminine physique, though stronger than she looks. Her hair is naturally red, with most of the style similar to Larxene's, but without the two antennae strands. Instead, she has off to the sides above her ears two long frazzled ponytails that extend passed her elbows. The frazzled ponytails are also dyed blue, with where it meets the area it connects to her head arranged in a style resembling blue flames. Her pupils are also reddish purple.

Personality: Xymed is an extremely hard worker... in part due to having so much energy that she can't sit still. She's constantly finding things to work on, whether it be physical chores or more mental... which is ironic, cause she's not that smart. She surprisingly has a photographic memory, but she's not so good at putting her knowledge to use, like logistics or calculations or the like. She's more of a 'give me orders, and I'll get right on it' type of girl. She's constantly searching for ways to help others... which helps her expend her high levels of energy quite efficiently. Unfortunately, she often gets so focused on the tasks at hand that she becomes tunnel visioned, unable to recognize the things going on around her in favor for the task at hand. She also loves to fight... but doesn't want to die if she can help it, fleeing if need be. Despite this, she's honorable, and if she couldn't change it, she'd accept death honorably. Also, due to her energy, she just can't enjoy slower melodic musics. She just can't stand still long enough for it. On top of that, she loves to sing and raise morals of others... though not all appreciate her hyper love-filled singing style, and she couldn't play a musical instrument to save her life.

10. Droulx

Title: The Organizer of Freedom

Element: Space

Weapon: For Droulx, her weapons are magic scrolls. These scrolls' bars are black with Nobody symbols spun around into a 3D cone like shape to form black spikes on the ends, with white lines around the rings that they connect to at the ends of the scroll rods. Meanwhile, the scrolls themselves are a faded grey color, with white Nobody symbol outlines scattered along the magical scroll's length. With Nobody powers, her scrolls can shift and contort into various combat shapes, like long combat polls, or skinny scroll page whips. She mainly uses her weapon not to deal damage... but rather, to disable and mess with her opponents, while primarily attacking via her space magic.

Appearance: Droulx has red pupils and a pointed chin. Her bluish-purple hair is the definition of messy, scattered all over. It's long, reaching down passed her waist, along with part of her hair going down in front of her face from in front of either ear, dangling down in front of her breasts. Not smooth, but very scattered all over.

Personality: Droulx is very work oriented. She prefers to not toy with opponents or make games out of circumstances, no matter how advantageous her circumstances are. Despite this, she smack talks and taunts a lot, all while working on her goals, to mess with opponents. She talks in a slang based dialect... and yet, when spending time around friends, her high end blustery talks are greatly reduced, preferring to be honest and true to those she cares about. She also cares a great deal about the Anti-Organization's goal to regain their hearts through non-underhanded means while doing what they can to prevent others from suffering a loss of heart like they had suffered. Also, rather than having a great mind for games, she's got a great mind for structures and geology, since Luxord had a great mind for games and implementing timers into his schemes.

11. Xurailma

Title: The Crude Combatant

Element: Nothingness

Weapon: For Xurailma's weapons, she wields dual maces. For the designs for a single one of the maces, I'll just copy and paste the details from a past description I made about them: White bottom on the handle, keeping a blue handle shield to protect the hands, holding a pink handle. The mace itself... imagine a column of blue bladed black + shapes stacked on top of each other in a column, with them alternating between + and X formations, and held in place with green and white edged versions of Marluxia's scythe blade(minus the plus shape on the blade), all angled up and inwards towards the top of the mace. Like 8 of those blades, positioned in between the outward poking spikes of the stacked + and X shapes.

Appearance: Xurailma is both feminine and boyish at the same time, much like Marluxia. Her face and body are very feminine(in terms of curves), though she has a more roundish chin. Despite that, she has fierce red pupils and punkish green hair, cut very short, like a half length less thick version of Caswell's hair from Yu-Gi-Oh: Zexal.

Personality: Xurailma is humble, but straight forward... yet ironically, she could care less about what others think about her. She does whatever she wants, yet does not flaunt what she's got. When she wants to do something, she simply does it. No flare or poise, just straight to the action. Despite this initiative, she doesn't tend to stick to many a task. She shows no signs of persistence. If she gets bored, then she's quick to think of something else to do. So, she can be quite lazy, and sticking to a single goal just isn't her thing. Despite this lack of perseverance, she can be extremely loyal to those she's come to consider friends, not afraid to get her hands dirty to make those that messed with her friends pay. So, very much a punk with no clear direction in her life, but a loyal friend till the end to those that have gotten her trust.

12. Enelarx

Title: The Clever Giant

Element: Ice

Weapon: His weapon is a giant club. The handle is red, but connected at the bottom of the handle poking outwards are four small blue spikes. As for the club itself, the club is a dark somewhat icy blue, which gets wider as it gets to the top, except for being curved slightly inwards at the very top. The top has small red gems shaped like the blades of Larxene's kunai blades but shrunk scattered around in a patterned circle around the topmost section, along with larger gems along the larger sides of the club. And the top flat center of the club has a circle of Nobody symbols, and the framework of the club has thinly white framework throughout it. Enelarx uses it slow but powerfully, like Lexaeus, but can use his blizzards to effect his and others' movement. He also likes to make ice clones of his opponents to make up for his own slowness.

Appearance: Squarish chin, like Xaldin. Vampiric purplish red eyes. Dark blue hair that's a lighter icier blue at the roots. His hair is long, like Vexen's, but wild like Marluxia's. Along with long wild sideburns that connect to his bushy mustache, along with some shorter hair for the beard area between where his mustache connects down to the bottom of his sideburns. On top of this, he's huge and muscular, not much smaller than Lexaeus, though still slightly smaller, enough to be noticably faster than Lexaeus without losing much power.

Personality: Enelarx is a very stalwart and honorable individual. But, due to how little he talks and how to the point his words can be, he unintentionally seems cold at heart to many. Which is ironic, cause his words are usually meant to be supportive to those he talks to, though his tone of voice doesn't help with that intent. Though, this cold strong-willed persona quickly breaks to being flustered when around the one he has a crush on, that being Lexa. When not flustered though, he's very well mannered, and surprisingly caring, despite his naturally silent disposition.

13. Xorsa

Title: The Key of Freedom

Element: Darkness

Weapons: Default weapon is Mickey's Keyblade of Darkness, but wielded like how Ventus holds his, using Keyblade as a magic staff. Can also switch to a dual wield, using inverted color versions of the Oathkeeper and Oblivion Keyblades.

Appearance: Xorsa has orange eyes and a rounded chin. Her hair is a purple longer haired variant to Wolverine's normal hairstyle. And as usual, noticably feminine for her age, though still too young to be as developed as the other girls.

Personality: Xorsa is rather disconnected from her emotions, despite her optimism. She's rather dependent upon others though, and a bit clingy... cowardly when alone and preferring to fight alongside others during missions. She's rather humble about her own strength. She's also often patient... if overly cautious at times. Her detached nature with expressing emotions makes it hard to anger her as well, but when she does become angry, she's easily deceived due to being blinded from her own showing of emotion. Ironically, despite her detachment to emotions, she actually wants to be a hero, but lacks confidence of her current talents, despite her optimism that in the future, a time will come when she can acchieve her dreams.

i. Inox

Element: Darkness

Weapon: Same as Xorsa for his default weapon. Still need to think on his alternate forms though.

Appearance: Inox has orange eyes, a squarish chin, with white short spikey hair.

Personality: Inox is rather open towards those he does not know, due to not caring what they think of him, but he becomes more shy around those he cares about due to worrying about offending them. He can be very dense and unobservant of his surroundings, focusing on the tasks at hand. He lacks a sense of justice, focusing more on logic than on emotions like vengeance. Example, if a villain hurt a friend... he wouldn't pursue the villain in vengeance. He'd only pursue said villain if it was a potential threat. He can also be quite selfish, not only fighting against enemies, but being very persistent with training allies so they can better defend themselves should they get into trouble, fearing they may be unable to when he's not around.
Anti-Organization XIII
I figure I'll edit and put this together from what I've been discussing with a friend of mine on here, so I'll edit it as I go.
Freeze Frame #2 by Regreme
Freeze Frame #2
Second image of my Freeze Frame OC, drawn by :iconthecheeseburger: .

Original artwork here.

Original artwork and bio here.
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As said. Just found out that there's been music video shorts on Hasbro's youtube that have been uploaded. Including this rather interesting one that I think the fans will enjoy:

Wasn't sure how many people knew they were uploading these. But, figured I'd point it out for those not in the know about them.


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As said. Just found out that there's been music video shorts on Hasbro's youtube that have been uploaded. Including this rather interesting one that I think the fans will enjoy:

Wasn't sure how many people knew they were uploading these. But, figured I'd point it out for those not in the know about them.

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