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Setting: Hyrule under shadow dream spell.

Purpose: Show how Ocarina of Time's Link wound up with the Guardian Armor that his Hero's Wraith state had in Twilight Princess.

Explain why this Link became bitter enough that his spirit could not rest in peace.

Explain how he saved Hyrule again without recognition.

Explain how the Temple of Time gets relocated and protected by the Skull Kid.

Explain how the land changes from the Master Quest(mirrored) version to the Twilight Princess version.

Explain what leads to the Gerudo fleeing their land.

Summary: Link has finally found Navi, but the reunion wasn't as pleasant as he had hoped. So now, a battle weary Link seeks to return to the homeland he has left. But luck isn't on his side, as the land isn't as safe as he had left it. Can he manage to overcome his bitterness to become the hero Hyrule needs once again?

Zelda: The Zelda in this is older and more experienced, and it is her that leads Link to learn what's REALLY going on.

Link: This Link is one of the older Links to ever be played. He's battle weary, holding on to what keepsakes he can from his past adventures, of which most of either been damaged or destroyed, and made bitter from what has occurred to him. Despite this, he continues to help others that need it, his heart still strong despite all his emotional scars.

Special Features For Link: Was hard to think of a new gimmick for him for this game. But, in the end, decided to have the default new skill is the ability to physically transfer himself between the living and spirit worlds, and have new skills build up on that aspect as the adventure goes along. And also, throughout the journey, Link starts out with Epona as well.


The adventure begins among the ruins of a monster camp. Filled with monster corpses on a barren mountainous terrain, sand curling along its edges...

As the camera zooms in, it shows the back of a crouched battle weary warrior, a familiar blue fairy floating worriedly around him.

The camera slowly zooms in to his hands as he examines a mask broken by an arrow by the ground, a mist of energy floating off it as it gently fades, a slightly grizzled chin(possibly partially grown beard. Haven't decided) is shown, blonde in color as the person goes: "Tch..." in irritation from the oddly familiar mask's destruction(the mask is the Fierce Deity's Mask).

He gets up and continues onwards. The fairy, Navi, is unsure what to do. She wants to comfort him, but she doesn't understand his connection to that mask. She starts talking, stating that she'll stick with him thanks to him saving her life and all, but that story he told her about them being old friends she still finds oddly creepy. Link just grunts at that, not wanting to remember the painful flashback of him learning that his cherished companion didn't even remember him.

Remembering it though, Navi realizes something to cheer him up. Stating for him to cheer up. That they should be near to that home country of Hyrule he was talking about. Perhaps they can visit some of his old friends.

Link smiles as he returns to his nearby camp. The bandit monsters didn't do much damage, despite their hunger for vengeance for him stopping their antics before. Their reinforcements weren't even a challenge. But, doesn't hurt to check if any of his injuries may have hindered his skills. Thus starts a fighting tutorial against some test dummies, including moves from Twilight Princess(since this is the Link that created those moves to begin with).

Afterwards, he stumbles, gasping a bit, before clenching his fist angrily, stumbling over to a bag and wrapping his wound long enough to go to bed.

The next morning, he wakes up from a dream, remembering when Navi first woke him up... with the dream interrupted by Navi waking him, stating he needs to get up, that he needs to see something. He looks at her with a bemused expression at the irony, but obliges to her call, getting up to follow her.

As he follows her trail, they arrive... as he approaches.... Link can hear Navi hesitantly say: "Well... good news, I think we've found Hyrule... But... the bad news..." Link's eyes narrow as he gets close enough to see passed the cliff...

In front of them lies a dessert, with the makings of a country slightly further off, a giant castle in the furthest distance. But, something is clearly wrong, as a shifting mass of dark shifting fog covers the land, having to see the land beneath it in patches as the darkness shifts and churns across the land.

Navi: "Well... so much for that happy reunion."

Link, not hesitating, jumps and slides down off the sloped cliff. Navi, shocked, can only go: "Wait for me, Link!"

As she does this, the logo cover for the game "The Legend of Zelda: Nightmare Spirits" shows up as it gazes upon the land, with returning to controlling Link as he reaches the bottom of the cliff with an ending roll upon reaching the ground.

With the thought of Hyrule under threat again, Link rushes across the dessert towards the edge of the dark fog. But, as he and Navi enter it, the two quickly begin to feel exhausted, sleep threatening to take them.

Before it does though, a light begins to glow upon Link's hand. The Triforce of Courage glows, protecting him. Link quickly spots Navi begin to fall from the air, falling asleep till he grabs her, the aura that's disappating across his body being enough to snap her out of it. She thanks him for... whatever it was he just did to save her, again. But asks what just happened?

After she asks that, Link starts to walk forward through the dessert, the air now seen more clearly as he walks through it, though everything has a darker tone to it, as if a thin veil has darkened everything within the dark air. At this, a series of scenes goes on, a combination of flashbacks and Navi's talking, to explain about the Triforce and how he gained it, though Navi's commenting making the player realize that Link does not know how he STILL has it, considering that Zelda's Song of Time seemed to reset everything to before Navi originally came to bring him to the Great Deku Tree.

This conversation not only is used to explain things though. It's also to cover some of the dessert travelling till Link has gotten within view of a far off building in the sands. Seeing this, Navi suggests they head there, that they might find some answers there.

When he arrives, he finds a terrifying sight. The building isn't one he recognizes(a non-ruined Arbiter's Grounds).... but there seems to be some sort of sand trail leading to and from piles of bones going through the area. Bones that quickly form into stalfos to fight Link. However, Link won't let them stop him. This trail of sand is his first clue to something that might solve what's going on, and he won't let the stalfos stop him from finding out what's going on.

As he travels throughout the dungeon, various monsters appear, and the building brakes and crumbles from an unknown assailant.

Eventually, Link gets to the mini-boss room... and gets thrown for a loop at what he finds within.

Within the chamber, Link finds the trail leading no longer to just skeletons on the ground... but a group of petrified Gerudo, familiar Gerudo, as flashbacks showcase from Ocarina of Time... including one very familiar Gerudo in the center. The same Gerudo whom named him an honorary member in another timeline.

Suddenly, as if sensing Link's presence, their statues start to crack, revealing skeleton's underneath, as a dark aura encompasses the bones, turning them into Stalfos right in front of them, with their leader looking particularly strong.

Link reaches for his blade, his trusty Gilded Sword, but hesitates as he looks at the remains of the statues that broke off the undead Stalfos. As one of them roars at him, he 'tch's again and hardens his resolve, drawing his sword as he begins his fight against what once were allies for the dungeon's mini-boss fight.

Despite the emotional hardship of what he had to do, he and Navi both know that though they were once Gerudo, they were only monsters now. So, he continues through the dungeon on his journey for answers, following the sand trail that led to the Gerudos' demise.

Eventually, he comes to a chamber with a magical barrier, where a key allows him entry. Within, he is shocked to find there's no sand trail. The sand stopped at the entrance he opened.... and ahead, he finds a slumbering monster.

Suddenly, almost without warning, the dark smoke that still fills the chamber enters it, and the monster awakens with a roar, glowing white eyes, as if possessed, attacking Link without warning.

The malnourished boss that fights Link eventually gets destroyed and sinks into the sands of the room, his body eventually becoming the bones that form Stallord in Twilight Princess.

After defeating the monster, he proceeds onwards to the next room... to his surprise, there is none of the glowing sands he had been following up to that point. But, there were Gerudo.... LIVING Gerudo. But none of them were awake. All in some form of forced slumber. Not even Navi's screaming could stir them.

Depressed, they decide that it looks like they won't be getting any answers here after all. Then, suddenly, they hear a voice from behind them...

"Well now, isn't this a curious find. Someone immune to the dark fog covering this land... and a mighty warrior to boot."

Shocked, Link turns around to find a strange being walking from the shadows. A strange decrepid merchant, with a strange bit of headwear that has a gem shaped like a third eye on his head.

Link learns from the strange man that a while ago now, a strange dark mist came upon the land of Hyrule without warning, and in its wake, the mighty demon spirit Bellum arrived, sucking the lifeforce from those left defenseless by the mist, said mist having put all within the land to sleep... or at least, all without the magic to defend themselves from it.

And yet, despite this, the old man says there's more. Due to the peculiarity of this mist, though their bodies slumber, their spirits do not. Their spirits, unaware they're in a fake reality, have been put into some sort of controllable construct within the Spirit Realm. If Link truly wishes to help them, he'll need access to that realm, in order to gain intel upon where this Bellum has slipped off to.

Towards this end, the strange figure grants a gift to Link, allowing him to physically transport himself between the two realms.

With that, Link and Navi thank him.... but suddenly, the strange individual looks up, and says as he turns to flee: "Looks like you'll be able to test that sooner than expected. Good luck, hero."

Before Link and Navi can even ask what he means, one of the walls breaks open as a dark mass of black, purple, and gold energies pushes through.

Deciding to take the man's words to heart, Link uses the item... and comes face to face with Bellum(from Phantom Hourglass). At the moment, Bellum just ignores Link as it approaches the bodies of the prone Gerudo, which he can see, though the nearby spirits seem unable to see the physical realm. Only each other and a limited degree of the terrain around them.

As he grasps the body, an energy tendril appears to one of the gerudo spirits, the spirit screaming in pain as he begins to drain his victim.

Link sees some Gerudo attack the monster... and their attacks just go right through or bounce off, depending on where they hit. Despite this, Link tries... and barely scratches it. He looks at his glowing sword and remembers... it was once the sacred blade of the Kokiri before it was reforged into what it is now. Not that mighty of a sacred blade, but still, enough to allow some damage.

Thus, begins a fight against Bellum. Link manages to weaken it, but Bellum still acts like it's toying with Link. However, their fight garners the attention of a nearby glowing structure. Knocking Bellum into it causes a spirit, a sage(from Twilight Princess) to awaken sleepily. Seeing Bellum, the spirit blasts Bellum away. Not enough to truly damage it, but enough to make it realize it's not going to get any easy meals here. It roars at them once more before fleeing to the distance.

Relieved they held off the strange demonic spirit, Link and Navi turn toward the one that aided them. The Sage of Spirit.

Turning to Link, it thanks him for his aid. And suddenly, pulls its mask up above its head, which turns into a halo that surrounds itself, showing the sage's true form, that of a small robot like form(from Skyward Sword), stating that it's been a while since he's seen the Hero of Time.... first time for this incarnation of him anyways.

Thanks to Link's presence, he was able to awaken once again, but unfortunately, the news isn't all good. Now that he's awakened, he can keep the Gerudo safe for now, but if Link truly wants to stop that life draining demon spirit, he'll need something more powerful than his Gilded Sword... he'll need the Master Sword. But, the sage feels that Link already knows how to gain the Master Sword. Having a quick flashback of Zelda telling him, Link then fingers the Ocarina of Time on a string necklace around his neck and nods, knowing what he must do.

With that, Link heads out, though if the player stays around to talk to the NPC's, you can hear that they're starting to ponder on leaving their home with all the trouble they've been having in the dessert.

On their way out, Navi of course asks where they're going. Link grimaces for a moment before hardening his resolve. He states that they're going to Death Mountain, Zora's Domain, and... Kokiri village. They need to acquire special gems from each of the races there, and if he recalls right, Death Mountain was the nearest to the dessert.

As Link traverses the land however, he finds it different than he remembered. Locations are slightly off in their placement, and there are signs of fissures having formed and filled in from the ground shifting over the years. Despite this, the general locations he has in mind are still true as he heads on towards Death Mountain, through Kakariko Village.

Along the way, he encounters various monsters that are immune to the black mist. Strangely, some come around glowing sand areas... and others actually don't. And some locations where sand is seems to have been the seen of a battlefield. Strangely enough, in those locations, not a single life drained statue has been found.

Eventually, he finds his way to the Goron Village, and using the gift from the strange magician he met, he goes to the spirit world to talk to Darunia in an attempt to request the Goron Ruby.

Hearing Link's request, Darunia is at first reluctant.... but remembering how he got his attentions in the last timeline, Link uses Saria's song to soothe him enough to allow him to at the least be tested by Darunia to see if he can earn it.

Towards this in, Darunia tells Link that ever since the recent quakes, the Zora river got diverted to go around the mountain from the north, and that water combined with the quakes opened up an undiscovered cave system. Within the caves, an abundance of ore had been found. However, something seems wrong. Darunia sent miners there a while ago, and they haven't reported in since, nor has any of the gorons he's sent to check up on him. If Link can return the missing Gorons to him, and better yet, deal with whatever's been keeping them, then he'd agree to loan the ruby to him.

He goes to the newly created mine.... which is a cave system version of the Goron Mines from Twilight Princess, but this cave system has yet to be excavated fully and has only been started, so none of the mechanical creations within it, making it a notably different dungeon.

Needless to say, some of Bellum's sand creations had corralled the gorons into the mines to make them easy prey for once their master returned, with Link defeating them before Bellum could retrieve them.

After defeating Bellum's sand of hours creatures, he is able to finish delivering the golems outside of the mine to be able to retrieve the Goron Ruby as compensation.

Afterwards, the next goal is Zora's domain. But, the path to take depends on the player. Either from a path near the mine's entrance, or via the path Link remembers. Either way leads to the same destination.

Regardless of the path chosen, by the time he gets to the origin of the river, he finds himself shocked by finding the old waterfall entrance completely destroyed by the quakes that hit the land. There's still a waterfall present, but he'll have to find a way to make a new path via the items he's gained so far from the dungeons. And the closer he gets, the colder his approach gets, such as frost covering the rocks and the like. And the Zoras along the way are complaining about the cold.

Eventually, Link makes his way to the throne room, where Ruto has apparently become the current ruler of the Zoras. A spoiled ruler at that, despite all her good intentions mixed in with her pomposity.

When Link arrives to acquire the Zora Sapphire, she at first laughs at him, saying that she needed a laugh, especially after all the troubles they've been having since the last quake.

Hearing this, Link hears her out, offering to fix their problem.

Ruto then explains that the quakes opened up a cave system along with all the other damage. Once those caves were opened, it revealed a blast of sheer cold blowing through. At first, the cold wasn't that severe... but suddenly, the cold took a turn for the worse. To an unnatural degree. She's sent Zora to check on it, to find out the source of this strange cold. But, none of them have returned.

Hearing this, Link steps forward. Ruto's surprised. A hylian with the willpower to face such unknown that has taken some of her best Zora without any hints of how or why, and he stands forward as if it's nothing. Impressed, she decides to allow him his foolhardiness, and if he actually returns successful, she'll award him the jewel. Though, she finds the idea that a random warrior being able to succeed where her best soldiers could not to be laughable.

Ignoring her contempt for him, Link proceeds. He remembers how she was in the alternate timeline, the one where he saved her from Ganondorf's machinations upon Lord Jabu Jabu. The older her then was far more humbled and dutiful... this Ruto though was far more pompous, and as he remembers the meeting... more battle scarred. Seems him not going back to the tribes after his trip back in time didn't go without consequences. Some of the goron even, now that he's realizing about consequences, seemed to have less of a gut, and more muscle, as if food wasn't as plentiful, forcing them to toughen up. Link grimaces in realization of this, but continues on as the Zora lead him to the cave entrance.

As his flashbacks and discussion with Navi ends... they have by then reached the cave entrance, having been led by armed Zora.

With a nod to the guards at the entrance, the Zora allow Link through as he enters the cave.

Along the way through the cave, Link continues to encounter various ice, ghost, and stal based creatures, like a frozen hell. Ice Keese, Ice Stalfos(Stalfos wielding iced armor weapons), Freezages(alternate versions of Freezards from Ocarina of Time), Blue Bubbles, and White Wolfos Warriors(the ones from OoT). Despite these challenges, he makes it through the cave, and is awed by what he finds.

Before him spreads a mighty mountain of snow. Sparse trees dot the landscape along with various rock formations... and in the distance, some sort of structure with what appears to be blue tinted smoke coming off of it, but not in a destructive sense.... as the blue smoke almost appears to be feeding the stormclouds in the snow covered sky. Even from his vantage point, Link can tell that the closer to that building one was, the harsher the snowfall seems to be. No doubt, the source of all this. With that in mind, Link continues on, noticing offhandedly that the dark mists of Hyrule he was in do not reach this far.

As he progresses through the forests, he starts to encounter more monsters of snow to add to the mix now. Normal White Wolfos, and various more creepy 3D designed versions of various snow enemies, like a haunting rendition of the snowmen from Spirit Tracks(viscious claws, ice spike sweat upon the snow balls, frost fog coming from the neck and mouth, ghost flame head in the snowman head place as it's regenerating its thrown laughing snowman head). And also a number of poes along the way as well, finding ease of ambush through the blizzards that have formed in this hellishly cold mountain.

As he progresses through the pass to the far off location, he hears a scream for help. Running to the aid of the scream, Link finds a peculiar sight... a younger, much smaller, Yeto, being attacked... by a Freezard Dragon. Needless to say, mini-boss outside-of-dungeon time.

For the fight, Link, with Yeto's help, is able to damage it and force it to flee, but is unable to kill it as it flees back to the fortress in the distance.

Afterwards, Yeto thanks Link. Stating that Link is a mighty warrior. Perhaps he could help Yeto against 'the ice'.

With that, Yeto explains. Apparently, long ago, or so his parents once said, there was a group of men and women whom lived upon the mountain in a large mansion. Their origins were a mystery, but the harsh weather of the mountains made it so that just as much were born as their were that died to the environment.

Eventually however, a huge blizzard came through with the arrival of the Freezards and their kind. With the cold, the humans whom lived there perished... or so the yetis thought. Their spirits, vengeful against the very land that killed them, refused to disappear even in death. Their hatred dominated the weather itself, turning it under their control...

Since then, the spirits have hunted the yetis, jealous of their capability to survive climates better than they did in life. They've been in hiding ever since.

But one day, their blizzard powers soared, becoming far greater than ever before. And word has it, the source was the imprisonment of one of his kind. Yeto was the only one willing to check, wanting to prevent any more death of his kind at the hands of 'The Ice'.

After that story, he asks Link if he will aid him. Link readily agrees.

With that, Yeto helps guide Link to the base, which is apparently a mansion of ice, with an icy fort wall around it. Meeting them there is the Freezard dragon again. This time, with Yeto's help, they are able to take advantage of the previous damages to de-wing the beast, causing the ice monster to crash head first into the ice walls, breaking it, revealing that the very floor around it was fake... the fortress sitting upon the edge of a cliff.

Despite this, they still hear its roar. Apparently, it's still alive, but Yeto doubts they'll see it again any time soon.

With that, they enter the Ice Fortress. And as they enter it, they find that the 'mansion' from Yeto's story is still a part of the dungeon. And as he progresses through the dungeon to find keys, he finds the keys alongside backstory messages from the hylians that once lived there. Apparently, their ancestors came there in exploration for Queen Zelda I, but the quakes blocked them off from return, forcing them to make due with what they could find, while desperately seeking the better land of their forefathers that they were separated from.

Eventually, Link gets to the mini-boss chamber, which is the leader of the fortress. An Ice Stalfos King. Or self-appointed king, at any rate.

After the mini-boss fight though, before Link can finish him, a roar occurs as the Freezard Dragon breaks through the wall to rescue its master, leaving an item he was wielding behind for Link to gain as it flees to higher on the fortress.

Eventually, they get to the summit, where they find a young yeti girl tied up to some crystals, her screams mixing with the howling blizzard winds as power is drawn out of her, powering the storm above. Before Link and Yeto can save her though, the Ice King and his dragon show up.

Tired of their meddling, saying he WILL use his power to return to Hyrule and claim it for his own, the king decides to fuse the ice dragon's essence into himself, turning the stalfos into a skeletal ice dragon knight for the boss battle. As the beast stands before them, Link gets Navi to tell Yeto to free the girl. Yeto can handle the king's small fry guarding her. Link will handle the king.

Eventually, Link defeats him, whom mourns in death towards the distant Hyrule.

Meanwhile, Yeto manages to free Yeta, but not without consequences. Due to how she was tied up, the magic surged through her arms. By the time Yeto frees her... her arms have become useless. She worries about what she'll do without arms, but Yeto comforts her, saying for her to not worry, for he will be her arms. Needless to say, mushy moments follow.

Leaving the two love birds alone(and having told the Zora ghosts he found through the journey to return after freeing them from the ice king's prison along the way), he is able to finally acquire the Zora Sapphire from Ruto. Two down... one to go.

As he leaves the new entrance to the Zora Domain, he looks onwards, seeing the top of the original waterfall. Walking over it, he looks down at it and sees a collapsed area where a bridge once spanned. To the side is a small puddle with a blocked off cave beneath it. Having his heading, he nods and heads down, telling Navi on the way(which she reiterates, since gameplay usually has him silent) that they need to follow the forest from that entrance until they find a new one. The next forest entrance should lead to their next target.

As they find the entrance, Link hesitates, which Navi notices, asking what's wrong. Some flashbacks of his past life, he shakes his head. Navi replies: "What? Doesn't seem like nothing to me." He just sends a slight glare at her before walking forward into the giant log leading to the Kokiri village.

...and they're immediately set upon by slingshot attacks.

Not wanting to hurt them, he has to figure out ways to knock them out without his sword while defending from their assaults, holding off the guards on the bridge till approached by their leader... Mido.

He says that adults are not welcome in their forest, especially after the last one caused the Great Deku Tree's death. He was the only one to hear his dying words, as well as learn of the evil outsider that killed him. He won't allow for any other 'adults' to enter their forest under his watch.

This, of course, leads to a tricky mini-boss fight against Mido. And as a kid for life, he has a lot of sneaky tricks up his sleeve.

Combining use of a Deku Stick with his sword skills, along with his more friendly gear, he defeats the little trouble maker without any fatal wounds.

Navi comments that these kids sure are rude. Guessing she sees where he gets it from, since they raised him.

Mido comments harshly, that he wouldn't know no hylian, let alone helped raised him.

Suddenly, Saria comes out, hushing Mido. She comes forward, asking if Link is who she think he is.

Saria: "Link...? Link, is that you?"

Quickly, flashbacks occur for Link, before he rummages through his outfit to pull out a second browner ocarina, on a string, holding it out for her to see. Immediately, she gasps as tears begin to fall. It IS Link.

However, learning that it's Link actually makes Mido and the others angrier, excluding Saria. They blame Link for causing the Great Deku Tree's death due to not coming when he called for him.

After a pause, from the players' view anyways, Mido is like: "What do you mean he would have died anyways?!"

Navi pauses as she looks at Link, stating: "...This is about that time reset you were talking about, isn't it?"

Needless to say, it leads to a time skip where Link describes his long story to them.

Afterwards, the Kokiri Village are incredulous about his tale... until after Mido demands proof, Link wills the Triforce of Courage to glow upon his hand. Needless to say, their minds are blown when learning that he's telling the truth.

Afterwards, Saria is the first one to snap out of it... and after a moment of thinking, she looks up determinedly at Link, asking him to come talk with her alone for a moment.

When alone with her, she reveals that she knows that he hasn't told them all that's going on. He's on another 'heroic adventure' right now, isn't he?

When he doesn't answer, she states her reasoning. She always had a strong connection to the forest spirits. Enough to realize that all of them... all but Link, are in a spirit form right now, and likely are unlikely to remember what's going on after what's forcing them into this is defeated.

Despite this fact, though, there are other issues.

Saria noticed that it seems 'undead' individuals are unaffected by it, because she has noticed that Skullkids have been frequently visiting their village in their slumber, playing various pranks upon their village and its inhabitants. More so than is normal. As such, something must be messing with their village.

Whatever it is Link has come back for, she'll help him with, if he can help the Kokiri in turn, regardless of whether they'll remember or not.

Needless to say, Link readily agrees without any hesitation.

First, they need to learn what's going on. So, they catch one of the Skull Kids. But, he won't talk. They need a way to befriend him.

At that, Link gets a flashback of the mask he gave to the Skull Kid in the other timeline. So, he travels to Castle Town. But, the original mask he bought before is no longer for sell. So, he goes for the next best thing. Along with some task or other to get it painted white.

After giving the Skull Kid the makeshift skull mask, he readily agrees to guide him to the village to find out himself.

Once he gets there, the Skull Kid informs Link that some sort of monsters have invaded the Skull Kid's home, shortly after they started pulling pranks on the Kokiri. But, for some reason, they seemed reluctant to attack while in the Kokiri Village. That's why they've been going there so often. After all, if their village isn't available, they need SOME place to rest from messing with the monsters hunting them, eh?

Link can't help his bemused expression of amusement at the Skull Kid's logic, but agrees to get the monsters out if he can get the rest of the Skull Kids to leave the Kokiri alone. With such a deal made, Link faces his next dungeon. Skull Kid Village.

Throughout the dungeon, Link can't shake the feeling that something's off. The creatures keep calling the Skull Kids meddlers... but yet, there's been no sands of Bellum the entire time he was there. Regardless, he eventually hunts down all the creatures and deals with their boss, just as promised to the Skull Kid.

Afterwards, he visits with Saria, whom thanks him for having done that with the Skull Kids. She comments that things weren't always like this, not when the Great Deku Tree was still alive. Were it not for that Gohma that attacked him, he'd still be alive now. But since he isn't, the Kokiri have been having to fend for themselves.

These comments confuse Link... cause he knows that without Ganondorf, the Deku Tree Sprout should have been there in his place, as the flashback and Link's reaction shows. He asks to be shown to the Great Deku Tree.

Once there, Saria notices Link begin to look around. Right as she and Navi start to wonder what he's looking for, he reacts, as if finding something.

Before him is a very small plant. Link rubs his hands together, as if preparing for something.... then pauses, as if realizing something and shakes his head.

He turns back to Saria and Navi, and after a moment of Navi's commentary about it, they return to the physical world for what he's about to do, with telling Saria to keep an eye on this plant. To call it his compensation for having not been there to help deal with Gohma.

After returning to the physical world, he uses the triforce to wake up the Great Deku Tree Sprout. Apparently, to awaken, it required not only the suppression of evil, but the presence of a sacred power. Link's triforce of courage over-qualifies there.

With that, he returns to the spirit realm, with Saria crying happiness to see the miracle that Link has done for the Kokiri. With that, he has more than earned the Kokiri Emerald. She will guide him to where it is hidden.

After that last gem, Link knows exactly where to head to next. The Hyrule Castle Town... or rather, the temple at the edges of the town.

When he gets there, however, the entryway is barricaded, forcing Link to find an alternative way in. Thankfully, the quakes that have shifted the land have provided just that.

As he makes it through to the chosen area.... he finally finds a glowing sand trail again. Leading to and through a line of soldier statues standing by the barricades that were set up. And upon reaching them, like before, they turn into Stalfos, though of a different type than before.

Going passed them, he sees the trail head off to the Castle, but he can't risk going there till he got what he came for. So, he bypasses them to go to the Temple of Time.... but as he approaches it, he sees a trail of glowing sand coming from off screen towards the temple. With a glare, Link heads into the temple.

As he enters it, he instantly finds a group of sand monsters approaching the alter, curiously, with a trail of sand going from a nearby window to the doorway leading to the chamber beyond.

After defeating them, Link quickly sets in the sacred gems to open the door, rushing into the next room.

Within, Bellum is hissing as he tries, and fails, to attack the Master Sword.

Seeing this assault, Link quickly runs in to fight. Using the barrier for aid, Link is able to force Bellum back... enough for him to discover there's a hidden entrance behind the master sword alter. It looks at Link, before looking back and fleeing within.

Link, not giving up, draws the Master Sword, and immediately pursues. He's not letting Bellum escape this time.

As Link follows Bellum into a new chamber, Bellum ambushes him... only to be terrified when Link cuts him with the Master Sword, dealing significant damage. Pissed, he grabs Link and tosses him into a wall... which opens after he slams into it, causing him to fall back from the sitting position he landed in... buying Bellum enough time to charge up.

After a significant charge, Bellum lets loose a blast at Link. He rolls out of the way, and while standing from the roll, slashes with the Master Sword right through the blast, scattering it into the room behind him. Bellum's fear rises as Link rushes forward.

Quickly, Bellum dodges as his eye quickly scans the room. Seeing a statue with holy lines nearby, he grabs it and uses it in a frantic attempt to block the coming slash... to both of their surprises, it works as the statue glows and the door closes behind Link. As Bellum grins, his eye covered partially by the grin in a half-lidded appearance as he stares at the conveniently sacred powered statue.

They both notice the second nearby statue, but acting quickly, Link is able to deflect Bellum's attempt to grab it. Bellum sends in his other tentacles, but Link quickly deflects each of them. Frustrated, Bellum flees through the tower by turning into smoke, taking the statue with him. Link pursues, with the resulting chase dealing damage throughout the temple, the undamaged Temple of Time(undamaged compared to Twilight Princess) being the next dungeon. But, with scattered mini-boss fights scattered throughout it thanks to Bellum's ambushes. Some of which even lead into false rooms of monsters that Bellum set-up with his powers.

Eventually, Link gets to the top of the temple(place where the Darknut was fought), and a boss fight occurs. Bellum fuses to the statue, making it a two phase boss fight. But this time, with the Master Sword at hand.

The fight is tough, but with less room to maneuver, Bellum can't fly circles as easily as he did in Phantom Hourglass, making the fight a great deal easier. That, and the Master Sword being designed to fight evil beings like Bellum allowing him to do so more easily than with the Phantom Sword.

Eventually, Bellum is killed, his glowing sands disbursing into energy. Navi comments that it's too bad that the energy can't heal those already dead... but at least the rest can regain their life force now that he's gone.

As they look around however, Link notices something off. The light shining in... still hasn't changed it's intensity.

Not knowing what's up, Navi follows a suddenly hectic Link as he leaves the temple... only for them to discover the land is still covered in the sleep fog.

Very confused, they don't know what's going on. But then Link looks at his Triforce hand thanks to Navi's comment about his power allowing them to be the only ones awake his this land of sleep. A few moments later, he looks towards the castle. Link knows whom they can speak to for answers. Just a matter of finding a way in for his now adult self.

As Link goes through it, creatures start to form... from the fog itself. As if trying to prevent Link from reaching whom he's searching for.

It doesn't take long to discover a room up ahead filled with fighting sounds. Once he enters, he gets to see Zelda being a bad ass mage against some of the shadow creatures, dispelling them with a shockwave finisher that clears the room.

When Link shows up, Zelda is genuinely surprised. She thought she was the only one protected in Hyrule from this fog. She's glad to see that she was wrong for once.

As she looks at Link, he seems familiar. But, once she notices the Ocarina of Time on a string, it all floods back to her as she realizes whom Link is.

Zelda is surprised to see that he's uneffected by the clouds, stating that she was only uneffected due to... the Triforce of Wisdom, though she's not sure how it is that she got it.

Link grimaces at this reveal, and decides to reveal all of his story, Navi now listening more intently now that she's seen enough to believe his tale.

After he tells his story, Navi asks about that mask he lost not long ago. Link just shakes his head, Navi disappointed with a "What do you mean a story for another time?". Zelda giggles at their actions before thinking. After a moment, she seems to realize something.

She asks Link to clarify how he was sent back in time, and with this clarification, she realizes. Link was sent through the entrance of the sacred realm as he was sent back in time, with the Triforce of Courage along with them. And that is how she, and in turn... Ganondorf got the Triforce pieces.

This shocks Link, but she assures him that Ganondorf is no longer a threat to Hyrule. Stating that he's been banished from the realm of light.... though... she's afraid to say that it came at a cost of Rauru, the Sage of Light. Apparently, right as the sages tried to kill him, his triforce piece activated. To counter this, the sages exiled him out of the realm of light as a last resort, but by then, it was already too late for Rauru.

Navi then comments that that doesn't explain how they have it in the first place.

Zelda appologizes, and simplifies it. Apparently, when her alternate timeline self sent Link back in the past, she used the sacred realm and its gateway to do so. And by sending Link back in time through there, he must have unintentionally encountered the triforce of this timeline along the way during that flash of energy, dragging its power with him. And like with Ganondorf of the other timeline, it split when he touched it.

Though, her alternate self's magic must have kept his original Triforce of Courage with her, whether she intended to or not, cause had it been sent back with him, Link would possess two copies of the Triforce of Courage.

After hearing all this, Link is pissed... but not at Zelda. Just at the consequences of life in general. All because he was sent back in time, all of his aid to the other tribes was undone, and now, he learns that even his warning to Zelda didn't stop Ganondorf from causing bloodshed amongst the kingdom.

Zelda comforts him, stating that it's not his fault. It was inevitable that Ganondorf would resist. But at least, thanks to him, the worse case scenario was prevented, especially considering the alternative that Link told them from that other timeline.

Link smiles, and nods in thanks to Zelda. Navi interrupts them, stating that she's glad and all that Link's finally feeling better... but what about now? Hyrule's definitely not safe right now, after all.

Zelda sighs and says: "Though what your 'friend' from the Arbiter's Grounds said was true... it was also misleading. The sleep fog over the kingdom was here even before Bellum showed up. In truth, the fact that this 'friend' of theirs was able to walk through it so easily is highly suspect. ... I think that-"

Mysterious voice: "Perhaps I should take things from here, princess?"

Shocked, they turn around... only to see the barrier Zelda had formed over the room had broken, the shadowy fog flowing through in the wake of this so-called 'friend', a creepy smile upon his face.

As he walks forward, they notice that though the fog is flowing in behind him... there's also fog coming off from his own body behind him. As he stops in front of them, he lifts his hand up to the head cover on his forehead as he begins to speak.

"You truly are quite the hero, Link. Thanks to you... I no longer have to worry about Bellum killing off my power source."

With that, he removes his cover, revealing a third glowing eye, each of his eyes turning red as his smile grows with a manic laugh.

Navi panics at the reveal, though tries to remain 'brave' as Link prepares his sword.

The being laughs as he vanishes into the fog.

"Now, now, Link... There's no need for that. Besides..."

He reappears over his shoulder, or just his upper torso does anyways.

"...This isn't my real body, anyways!"

Link quickly turns around and slashes through him... only for him to reform shortly after, much to Link's annoyance.

Despite the circumstances, Zelda remains focused, and asks the obvious questions: "Who are you? What do you want?"

At that, the villain calmly divulges the answer, acting like he has nothing to worry about from them. Besides, he feels he owes them for getting rid of that annoying Bellum. After all, the more Bellum killed, the less victims' dreams there were for him to feast on.

When questioned on this, he explains that his name is Dethyl, and he's a spirit that feeds upon the dreams and nightmares of the sentient, whether they are living or dead. He can use his powers to spread nightmares and sleep so as to feed upon the people's fear, but doing so takes more effort.

Despite the more effort, he's actually glad he pursued this.

Back where he came from, the oceans beyond their kingdom, he was a wandering spirit, and there weren't many living beings out in the ocean whom dreamed, since that is something limited to the sapient... intelligent beings.

During his travels, he learned from his victims two tales that caught his interests. One of those was this bountiful land of Hyrule. But, when he sensed a sudden spark of evil energies years back, he almost decided to go after a spiritual medium type fish instead. Thankfully for him, the evil was apparently short-lived, and so he got to feast on an entire kingdom instead.

It doesn't take long for them to realize that this 'evil energies' must have been Ganondorf when he awoke his triforce piece. So, either way you slice it, Hyrule would have come under darkness, regardless of what Link did. Ganondorf or Dethyl. Link and Zelda's actions unknowingly chose Hyrule's poison... and Dethyl profited from it.

Link, realizing that Hyrule would have suffered either way, feels crushed. Regardless of what he did, Hyrule suffered. His actions he feels were meaningless.

Dethyl smiles, acting as if he can SMELL Link's despair, stating that it tastes delicious.

Link falls to his knees, despaired. Dethyl smiles, thanks them for being so useful. But now, their usefulness is over. He thanks them for being so entertaining in their efforts, but it's over now.

With a snap of his fingers, Dethyl's form disburses into the fog, as creatures become summoned from the fog in an attempt to claim their lives.

While fighting them, Zelda and Navi try to talk some sense into Link as dark energy continues to float off of him, gathering into the fog. It almost seems like their words aren't reaching them as the monsters are fought off, Navi distracting them as Zelda blasts them down.

After a bit, Dethyl's voice fills the room.

"Perhaps I underestimated how much resolve you had left. But, no matter. Your warrior's despair has given me what I need to make an... appropriate form to finish you off."

Suddenly, dark energy rushes towards a spot in front of them, spiraling around till it forms a figure fans all know. Dark Link.

Navi and Zelda quickly tag team Dark Link, only to find his skills match Link's, and quickly get their attacks and attempts deflected and dodged with ease. With panic, they try to get Link to snap out of it as his dark counterpart sneers evilly.

After cutting through Zelda's barrier, he leaps for a slashing attack. There's a flash as Navi screams for Link.

Suddenly, Zelda pauses, realizing she's uninjured, she opens her eyes... to find Link in front of her, shield raised as he deflects Dark Link's attack. Zelda and Navi are relieved as Dark Link glares at the three of them. Link smirks, as if he's accepting that it never ends. Might as well go with it.

He turns to Navi and Zelda with a cocky smile, his confidence returned, before turning back to his counterpart, battle ready. And thus, a Dark Link fight begins.

After defeating him, Dethyl just laughs. Stating that they've proven well, but he's gotten to test out the limits of their powers here. They're mighty, but with all the dreams he's feasted on, they are no threat to him now, even with that sacred blade of his. In fact, he's glad he decided to pursue Hyrule. Wandering spirits just don't give him as much of a power boost as the living do.

Afterwards, he just lets them continue, stating it'll be fun to watch them try to oppose the power he's gained. They can struggle all they want. They won't win.

Afterwards, Link and Zelda use their powers to reinforce the force field for the area as a place for Zelda to rest at.

With that done, Zelda decides that they're not through yet. She may be exhausted, but Link can carry on... and she knows where to start.

In between her fights defending herself, she was able to use her powers to scry the land for the source of the mist. She directs him to the graveyard of Kakariko, where Dethyl's fortress hides.

With this info in hand, Link readily leaves to pursue Dethyl at his base.

But when he gets there, he encounters a problem.

Though he gets around the shifted about graveyard easily enough, Dethyl's fortress nearby is surrounded by a swirling far thicker fog. The swirling energy is so immense that even Link's Triforce of Courage, due to being just one triforce piece, is able to get through the mass of energy.

After a burst of energy, he's launched back to the nearby graveyard, and a little passed it towards the entrance to the Shadow Temple. Upon arriving there, groaning as he gets up... a familiar symbol glows in front of the entrance to the Shadow Temple. The emblem of the Shadow Sage.

Upon glowing, appearing before the symbol is the sage of shadow decided upon during Chaotic Lands. After appearing, its mask raises up into a transformation circle that reveals the Sage's true form: An ancient Sheikah.(haven't decided the exact identity beyond that yet)

She noticed the problems that Link had, and has an idea that may help. She doesn't know the full details, but in the ancient past, there was once a guardian of the goddesses that lived amongst the people, or so it was told. He died long ago, but his armor should still remain. But, only one among the sages has lived long enough to know the details. He must return to the Arbiter's Grounds to speak with him.

Unfortunately, that is all she can do to aid him. She's straining her powers as is to keep the people of Kakariko from being noticed by the few monsters unaffected by Dethyl's sleep mist.

With that in mind, he leaves her to her work as he goes to the desert to find this sage of the sands.

And I'll type up more another night.
Legend of Zelda: Nightmare Spirits
My concept for Legend of Zelda: Nightmare Spirits. Sequel to Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. Uses the same Link from them.
  • Mood: Hope
Been coming up with MLP OC's, but though I am, I doubt I'll be able to make use of them, at least not any time soon that is.

As such, I am opening up the opportunity for others to use them as they see fit, as long as credit is given.

You can find them here in my gallery, complete with bios:…
Freeze Frame, with bio by Regreme
Freeze Frame, with bio
Requested OC art drawn by :iconmudslinger077:

Though the expression shown is obviously her acting in action, since her expression is normally more apathetic. Here's what I have for her bio:

Freeze Frame, from a young age, has a natural feeling of apathy in her heart, one she seeks to overcome. This, however, is compensated by her perfect memory. She can remember everything from any encounter, even the actions and movements of others.

Her special talent is the act of mimicry, which helped her become a natural actress... however, the mimicry was started not from a desire to become an actress, but rather, a desire to understand emotions, especially the emotions of others.

She can't understand her own emotions other than her desire to better empathize with others. To this end, she started trying to mimic the actions, and to her hope, the feelings of others from the acts others have done in their daily lives, just in the hope of better understanding emotions, since emotions is something she feels she just can't grasp.

Towards this end, she even developed spells to aid in the mimicry, such as a horn hiding spell to help her resemble earth ponies, or a fake wing spell combined with telekinetic wire summoning to resemble pegasi... even developed spells to change her fur and mane color temporarily along with mane style, in order to allow her to grasp not only the actions, but the appearance of those she tries to mimic, in an attempt to better understand them.

However, despite all of this, she has the fear that no one will ever understand the real her, cause she herself cannot seem to understand her own emotions.
Valiant, with bio by Regreme
Valiant, with bio
Requested OC art by :iconderpyna:

Here's my bio for her:

Valiant is the type to have faith and belief anything can work out in life as long as one doesn't give up on it, even the improbable and unlikely. This is what has driven her to continue her own goal... to become a Royal Guard one day.

She knows this is an unlikely probability, due to the fact that earth ponies and mares are both rare in the Royal Guard, and since she's both, that makes it even more rare. Despite this, she has faith she can overcome the obstacles ahead of her, training day and night in all forms of combat: weapons training, hoof-to-hoof, projectile weapons, and strategy, all of which covers her cutie mark specialty: combat in general.

This is where she got all of her scars from, from over-training... however, due to this, she has neglected the social aspect of her life to a humiliating degree. To the point that she doesn't even understand the concept of personal space. She's that inept when it comes to interacting with others, reacting mostly on instinct due to all her combat training, yet feeling awkward when it comes to interacting with other. Though not for lack of desire to interact with others. It's just that she's often too busy to interact with others is all. Too busy training that is.


United States
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Been coming up with MLP OC's, but though I am, I doubt I'll be able to make use of them, at least not any time soon that is.

As such, I am opening up the opportunity for others to use them as they see fit, as long as credit is given.

You can find them here in my gallery, complete with bios:…

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