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Spyglass by Regreme
Requested artwork by :iconvector-brony:

Originally meant to be a new element of harmony, but has since just been made a regular pony.

Here's her bio:

Spyglass is very mysterious and unusual, but surprisingly mischievous and overly curious. Her curiosity is calm mannered and kind, but persistent... enough to often land her into trouble.

Ever since she was young, she's been curious about mysteries, having started with wondering why villains did what they did, since that fact is usually left out of history books.

Since then, she has learned the art of secrets, both the keeping and discovering of them. In fact, she's stealthy enough to be able to surprise Pinkie Pie. However, despite her desire for secrets, she knows when others and why others would want to keep those secrets, and thus only reveals them if needed.

Despite her kind and mischievous nature though, many steer clear of her due to her dark mysterious persona, partly due to her odd view of the world. For you see, she believes that evils are necessary in life for good to progress.

This doesn't mean she approves of evil's actions, but she can understand its necessities. And this viewpoint often puts her on the outs with a number of other ponies, however unintentionally it may be. So, many fear approaching her due to this radical viewpoint she possesses. Though thankfully, she's not fanatical about that belief, and only voices it when asked about it.
Valiant by Regreme
Requested OC art by :iconderpyna:

Here's my bio for her:

Valiant is the type to have faith and belief anything can work out in life as long as one doesn't give up on it, even the improbable and unlikely. This is what has driven her to continue her own goal... to become a Royal Guard one day.

She knows this is an unlikely probability, due to the fact that earth ponies and mares are both rare in the Royal Guard, and since she's both, that makes it even more rare. Despite this, she has faith she can overcome the obstacles ahead of her, training day and night in all forms of combat: weapons training, hoof-to-hoof, projectile weapons, and strategy, all of which covers her cutie mark specialty: combat in general.

This is where she got all of her scars from, from over-training... however, due to this, she has neglected the social aspect of her life to a humiliating degree. To the point that she doesn't even understand the concept of personal space. She's that inept when it comes to interacting with others, reacting mostly on instinct due to all her combat training, yet feeling awkward when it comes to interacting with other. Though not for lack of desire to interact with others. It's just that she's often too busy to interact with others is all. Too busy training that is.
Freeze Frame by Regreme
Freeze Frame
Requested OC art drawn by :iconmudslinger077:

Though the expression shown is obviously her acting in action, since her expression is normally more apathetic. Here's what I have for her bio:

Freeze Frame, from a young age, has a natural feeling of apathy in her heart, one she seeks to overcome. This, however, is compensated by her perfect memory. She can remember everything from any encounter, even the actions and movements of others.

Her special talent is the act of mimicry, which helped her become a natural actress... however, the mimicry was started not from a desire to become an actress, but rather, a desire to understand emotions, especially the emotions of others.

She can't understand her own emotions other than her desire to better empathize with others. To this end, she started trying to mimic the actions, and to her hope, the feelings of others from the acts others have done in their daily lives, just in the hope of better understanding emotions, since emotions is something she feels she just can't grasp.

Towards this end, she even developed spells to aid in the mimicry, such as a horn hiding spell to help her resemble earth ponies, or a fake wing spell combined with telekinetic wire summoning to resemble pegasi... even developed spells to change her fur and mane color temporarily along with mane style, in order to allow her to grasp not only the actions, but the appearance of those she tries to mimic, in an attempt to better understand them.

However, despite all of this, she has the fear that no one will ever understand the real her, cause she herself cannot seem to understand her own emotions.
Setting: Hyrule under shadow dream spell.

Purpose: Show how Ocarina of Time's Link wound up with the Guardian Armor that his Hero's Wraith state had in Twilight Princess.

Explain why this Link became bitter enough that his spirit could not rest in peace.

Explain how he saved Hyrule again without recognition.

Explain how the Temple of Time gets relocated and protected by the Skull Kid.

Explain how the land changes from the Master Quest(mirrored) version to the Twilight Princess version.

Explain what leads to the Gerudo fleeing their land.

Summary: Link has finally found Navi, but the reunion wasn't as pleasant as he had hoped. So now, a battle weary Link seeks to return to the homeland he has left. But luck isn't on his side, as the land isn't as safe as he had left it. Can he manage to overcome his bitterness to become the hero Hyrule needs once again?

Zelda: The Zelda in this is older and more experienced, and it is her that leads Link to learn what's REALLY going on.

Link: This Link is one of the older Links to ever be played. He's battle weary, holding on to what keepsakes he can from his past adventures, of which most of either been damaged or destroyed, and made bitter from what has occurred to him. Despite this, he continues to help others that need it, his heart still strong despite all his emotional scars.

Special Features For Link: Was hard to think of a new gimmick for him for this game. But, in the end, decided to have the default new skill is the ability to physically transfer himself between the living and spirit worlds, and have new skills build up on that aspect as the adventure goes along.


The adventure begins among the ruins of a monster camp. Filled with monster corpses on a barren mountainous terrain, sand curling along its edges...

As the camera zooms in, it shows the back of a crouched battle weary warrior, a familiar blue fairy floating worriedly around him.

The camera slowly zooms in to his hands as he examines a mask broken by an arrow by the ground, a mist of energy floating off it as it gently fades, a slightly grizzled chin(possibly partially grown beard. Haven't decided) is shown, blonde in color as the person goes: "Tch..." in irritation from the oddly familiar mask's destruction(the mask is the Fierce Deity's Mask).

He gets up and continues onwards. The fairy, Navi, is unsure what to do. She wants to comfort him, but she doesn't understand his connection to that mask. She starts talking, stating that she'll stick with him thanks to him saving her life and all, but that story he told her about them being old friends she still finds oddly creepy. Link just grunts at that, not wanting to remember the painful flashback of him learning that his cherished companion didn't even remember him.

Remembering it though, Navi realizes something to cheer him up. Stating for him to cheer up. That they should be near to that home country of Hyrule he was talking about. Perhaps they can visit some of his old friends.

Link smiles as he returns to his nearby camp. The bandit monsters didn't do much damage, despite their hunger for vengeance for him stopping their antics before. Their reinforcements weren't even a challenge. But, doesn't hurt to check if any of his injuries may have hindered his skills. Thus starts a fighting tutorial against some test dummies, including moves from Twilight Princess(since this is the Link that created those moves to begin with).

Afterwards, he stumbles, gasping a bit, before clenching his fist angrily, stumbling over to a bag and wrapping his wound long enough to go to bed.

The next morning, he wakes up from a dream, remembering when Navi first woke him up... with the dream interrupted by Navi waking him, stating he needs to get up, that he needs to see something. He looks at her with a bemused expression at the irony, but obliges to her call, getting up to follow her.

As he follows her trail, they arrive... as he approaches.... Link can hear Navi hesitantly say: "Well... good news, I think we've found Hyrule... But... the bad news..." Link's eyes narrow as he gets close enough to see passed the cliff...

In front of them lies a dessert, with the makings of a country slightly further off, a giant castle in the furthest distance. But, something is clearly wrong, as a shifting mass of dark shifting fog covers the land, having to see the land beneath it in patches as the darkness shifts and churns across the land.

Navi: "Well... so much for that happy reunion."

Link, not hesitating, jumps and slides down off the sloped cliff. Navi, shocked, can only go: "Wait for me, Link!"

As she does this, the logo cover for the game "The Legend of Zelda: Nightmare Spirits" shows up as it gazes upon the land, with returning to controlling Link as he reaches the bottom of the cliff with an ending roll upon reaching the ground.

With the thought of Hyrule under threat again, Link rushes across the dessert towards the edge of the dark fog. But, as he and Navi enter it, the two quickly begin to feel exhausted, sleep threatening to take them.

Before it does though, a light begins to glow upon Link's hand. The Triforce of Courage glows, protecting him. Link quickly spots Navi begin to fall from the air, falling asleep till he grabs her, the aura that's disappating across his body being enough to snap her out of it. She thanks him for... whatever it was he just did to save her, again. But asks what just happened?

After she asks that, Link starts to walk forward through the dessert, the air now seen more clearly as he walks through it, though everything has a darker tone to it, as if a thin veil has darkened everything within the dark air. At this, a series of scenes goes on, a combination of flashbacks and Navi's talking, to explain about the Triforce and how he gained it, though Navi's commenting making the player realize that Link does not know how he STILL has it, considering that Zelda's Song of Time seemed to reset everything to before Navi originally came to bring him to the Great Deku Tree.

This conversation not only is used to explain things though. It's also to cover some of the dessert travelling till Link has gotten within view of a far off building in the sands. Seeing this, Navi suggests they head there, that they might find some answers there.

When he arrives, he finds a terrifying sight. The building isn't one he recognizes(a non-ruined Arbiter's Grounds).... but there seems to be some sort of sand trail leading to and from piles of bones going through the area. Bones that quickly form into stalfos to fight Link. However, Link won't let them stop him. This trail of sand is his first clue to something that might solve what's going on, and he won't let the stalfos stop him from finding out what's going on.

As he travels throughout the dungeon, various monsters appear, and the building brakes and crumbles from an unknown assailant.

Eventually, Link gets to the mini-boss room... and gets thrown for a loop at what he finds within.

Within the chamber, Link finds the trail leading no longer to just skeletons on the ground... but a group of petrified Gerudo, familiar Gerudo, as flashbacks showcase from Ocarina of Time... including one very familiar Gerudo in the center. The same Gerudo whom named him an honorary member in another timeline.

Suddenly, as if sensing Link's presence, their statues start to crack, revealing skeleton's underneath, as a dark aura encompasses the bones, turning them into Stalfos right in front of them, with their leader looking particularly strong.

Link reaches for his blade, his trusty Gilded Sword, but hesitates as he looks at the remains of the statues that broke off the undead Stalfos. As one of them roars at him, he 'tch's again and hardens his resolve, drawing his sword as he begins his fight against what once were allies for the dungeon's mini-boss fight.

Despite the emotional hardship of what he had to do, he and Navi both know that though they were once Gerudo, they were only monsters now. So, he continues through the dungeon on his journey for answers, following the sand trail that led to the Gerudos' demise.

Eventually, he comes to a chamber with a magical barrier, where a key allows him entry. Within, he is shocked to find there's no sand trail. The sand stopped at the entrance he opened.... and ahead, he finds a slumbering monster.

Suddenly, almost without warning, the dark smoke that still fills the chamber enters it, and the monster awakens with a roar, glowing white eyes, as if possessed, attacking Link without warning.

The malnourished boss that fights Link eventually gets destroyed and sinks into the sands of the room, his body eventually becoming the bones that form Stallord in Twilight Princess.

After defeating the monster, he proceeds onwards to the next room... to his surprise, there is none of the glowing sands he had been following up to that point. But, there were Gerudo.... LIVING Gerudo. But none of them were awake. All in some form of forced slumber. Not even Navi's screaming could stir them.

Depressed, they decide that it looks like they won't be getting any answers here after all. Then, suddenly, they hear a voice from behind them...

"Well now, isn't this a curious find. Someone immune to the dark fog covering this land... and a mighty warrior to boot."

Shocked, Link turns around to find a strange being walking from the shadows. A strange decrepid merchant, with a strange bit of headwear that has a gem shaped like a third eye on his head.

Link learns from the strange man that a while ago now, a strange dark mist came upon the land of Hyrule without warning, and in its wake, the mighty demon spirit Bellum arrived, sucking the lifeforce from those left defenseless by the mist, said mist having put all within the land to sleep... or at least, all without the magic to defend themselves from it.

And yet, despite this, the old man says there's more. Due to the peculiarity of this mist, though their bodies slumber, their spirits do not. Their spirits, unaware they're in a fake reality, have been put into some sort of controllable construct within the Spirit Realm. If Link truly wishes to help them, he'll need access to that realm, in order to gain intel upon where this Bellum has slipped off to.

Towards this end, the strange figure grants a gift to Link, allowing him to physically transport himself between the two realms.

With that, Link and Navi thank him.... but suddenly, the strange individual looks up, and says as he turns to flee: "Looks like you'll be able to test that sooner than expected. Good luck, hero."

Before Link and Navi can even ask what he means, one of the walls breaks open as a dark mass of black, purple, and gold energies pushes through.

Deciding to take the man's words to heart, Link uses the item... and comes face to face with Bellum(from Phantom Hourglass). At the moment, Bellum just ignores Link as it approaches the bodies of the prone Gerudo, which he can see, though the nearby spirits seem unable to see the physical realm. Only each other and a limited degree of the terrain around them.

As he grasps the body, an energy tendril appears to one of the gerudo spirits, the spirit screaming in pain as he begins to drain his victim.

Link sees some Gerudo attack the monster... and their attacks just go right through or bounce off, depending on where they hit. Despite this, Link tries... and barely scratches it. He looks at his glowing sword and remembers... it was once the sacred blade of the Kokiri before it was reforged into what it is now. Not that mighty of a sacred blade, but still, enough to allow some damage.

Thus, begins a fight against Bellum. Link manages to weaken it, but Bellum still acts like it's toying with Link. However, their fight garners the attention of a nearby glowing structure. Knocking Bellum into it causes a spirit, a sage(from Twilight Princess) to awaken sleepily. Seeing Bellum, the spirit blasts Bellum away. Not enough to truly damage it, but enough to make it realize it's not going to get any easy meals here. It roars at them once more before fleeing to the distance.

And I'll type more another night.
Legend of Zelda: Nightmare Spirits
My concept for Legend of Zelda: Nightmare Spirits. Sequel to Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. Uses the same Link from them.


United States
  • Mood: Hope
Doubt I'll be doing so tonight, but all that's left for Conflict of Spirits is arranging a group of scenes in a cohesive manner. Already got the scenes decided on. Just ordering them is left.

In the meantime though, just learned a detail that revealed another plothole in the zelda timeline. But, though it partially interfered with my planned timeline, the problem is easily fixed.

The plot hole revealed... apparently, in an official databook or something, it is revealed that the Hero's Wraith in Twilight Princess is actually the ghost of the hero of time from Ocarina of Time, whom bemoaned not being recognized for his heroisms, and though he cannot be recognized any more, perhaps the abilities he developed could be passed on, to continue his forgotten legacy and the heroics he performed.

But, the question is, where did the Ocarina of Time Link acquire that armor? And how to have it still be a remnant of the first Guardian's armor.

Well, what if he had gained that armor while saving Hyrule again, once again not being noticed for it for some reason or other?

Thus, another adventure for that Link, once he's older... older than he became in Ocarina of Time even.

And, purposely make you feel how bad it's been for him to feel empathy for him.

Example, imagine this as a start. Link standing in the center of a battlefield, many monsters dead around him. It zooms in to his hand, showing a broken Fierce Deity's Mask with energy fading off of it in wisps. Link begrudgingly tsks as a familiar fairy floats worriedly around him.

He stands up, leaving the mask behind with a weary stride as the player gets to see the battle hardened warrior. Still in possession of his best sword and shield from Majora's Mask, but they've been in better shape. The Mirror Shield's 'face' mirror has been broken long ago, leaving only a battle scarred iron shield beneath, remnants of the mirror left behind. And the mighty Gilded Sword, slightly worse for wear, upon his back.

As if to make it harder for him, due to how far back Link was sent, with only Link protected from the time reversal due to the Triforce of Courage, Navi lost all memories of their adventures, and is only now with him due to him saving her from some monsters. Still unbelieving of the stories he told her, but can tell he's kind and caring despite the outrageous stories.

Worse, though he tried to save the Great Deku Tree without a fairy after being returned, he still failed to save it, as is revealed in a later flashback. And due to this, during the adventure, he's forced to fight the Kokiri that raised him due to Mido's propaganda about him killing the Great Deku Tree having turned them against him, especially after they see his adult form.

Gonna think up further details later. But, I've thought up enough details to decide upon the villain(s) for this as well as how no one remembers his heroics from him. Chose two villains that were killed in the other timelines for it. Namely, Bellum and Dethyl. With Dethyl making it sound like Bellum is the source to get Link's help, due to Bellum taking advantage of Dethyl's work.

Though that's it for now.

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