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Well, as mentioned before, my friend's hunches about things are always right. But, his hunch was only about an event to coincide with the project hitting a success point.... but, the mentioned event just keeps getting delayed, ironically. Right now, at the EARLIEST, said event is predicted to happen around Christmas, but it's been delayed before, so I wouldn't be surprised to see another delay.:\ So, just dealing with other things in the meantime.

In the meantime though, been dealing with other things mostly.

As you may have noticed, it's been a while since I last posted one of my Zelda game ideas.

In regards to such, I needed a hiatus for a moment, due to motivation falling for a moment. Not giving up, but needing a break. In part due to a single fact.... hadn't figured out what 'special features' to have for Link in many of the ideas. Needless to say, part of the reason for posting this is due to having figured that out.

For it, ironically, it was my Rise of the Tides game concept that gave me the idea. Rise of the Tides involves a villain that controls the tides of the oceans that Tetra and Link had come from when they founded New Hyrule. As such, Link in Rise of the Tides needed a way to confront an enemy controlling the ocean. And then... realizing this is in the Wind Waker timeline gave me the idea as to how.

In Wind Waker, though only for a limited extent and mainly for travel, Link DID gain control of wind based skills for aiding his journey. So... why not have some of his other adventures lead him to learning other element based skills, like the four elements in Minish Cap as the options: Air, Water, Fire, and Earth.

After realizing that, just had to choose one for facing the foe of 'Rise of the Tides'... and what better choice than Earth to fit the irony of 'Land vs. Sea'?^_^

As for the other two, Fire and Water(and Ice, technically, since it's coupled with Water), I thought towards them being specialties for "Spirits' Memories" and "Essences of Virtue" respectively. For the first, using detecting of 'fire of the soul' as a way to detect where the villain is going.... following the trail of where large scores of 'soul heat' are vanishing. And for the second, utilizing the water element for disarming without killing, as would be needed a lot due to its storyline. Though, how ELSE to involve the use of said elements for those three, I've yet to decide.

With just that much thought of though, it becomes easier to think of things for fine tuning details not yet thought of for the stories, and thus, it'll become easier to start getting to typing up details for my other stories, since, ironically enough, fine-tuning some of them actually occurred while I was typing it up(I know, it doesn't seem like it with how much I type up, but that's just how things work for me I guess).

If that weren't enough reason for the delay, there's more.

Been having ideas on other topics as well, though I don't consider them as big of a focus since the ideas don't involve coming up with stories and the like to go with them. But, despite this, they're complicated enough to still involve my mental thinking.

I won't go into detail on the potential fanfic concepts or the like, cause those are too scattered to just summarize, and this journal is large enough as is.

For the others though... strangely as it sounds, it involves a game I've never played but have studied enough to know a good bit about.... that being Skylanders. Don't know why, but the characters in the series just catch my interest, especially how they wield their powers and the like.

In regards to the Skylanders ideas, it's split into three categories.

First is character fusions, coming up with fusions of characters, but coming up with two new characters per fusion. The two newly fused characters each have a focus on one or the other in the fusion, and in turn granting only one element during the fusion, but which it is depends on the fusion results.

Second is character defusions. For this, I take the various attacks or attack styles of a single character, then split the character into either two or three copies to make two or three clones, then altering them to better fit the movesets chosen, while also making sure to create or split the attack styles enough so that the Defused clones have at least two focuses of attacks. Example, with Wrecking Ball, one defusion focuses on his tongue attack, another focuses on his burps and farts, while the third focuses on his rolling. For the first, the tongue attack uses the mace feature it has to change into three attacks... one is a single heavy hitting attack at high speed, while another has him extend the spikey tonsil things extending from the tongue act as multiple mini-tongues in a spread attack, and lastly, a non-spikey tongue attack that sends out his tongue to stick to one or multiple enemies(possibly charging it up to pull in multiple foes), then eating and spitting out the enemies hit by the attack. I DO have more details for such a defusion, such as the appearance differences for the ones involved, but this is a journal, so I won't go into more details on this example of defusions.

And third for the Skylanders set of ideas.... basically, a type of animalistic switch. Imagine this.... taking a humanoid character like Sprocket, then turning her into a creature version that crawls around like characters like the dragons or the like, but have the creature form chosen based on the character in some way. Like for her, a scorpion like form with her wrench built into her stinger. And also.... the reverse could also be done, taking one of the more crawling type of Skylanders and making them bipedal. Example, having Spyro humanoid with wings, hair formed in such a way reminiscient of his horns, and a jewel equipped spear/staff, horns forming the outer blades and gem making the middle blade, allowing him to use the spear for both fireball casting and ramming attacks with the spear. Another example would be to take Wrecking Ball, turn the tubby guy into a biped with the frills of his worm form becoming like suspenders to wear while wielding a stretchy mace weapon instead of using a stretchy tongue.

So, yeah, so many ideas going through my head sometimes makes it hard to focus on just one set of ideas at a time. XD

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